2FA authentication for StatusCake

How you can receive 2FA authentication codes from StatusCake directly in Slack.


A monitoring service providing uptime, performance, and SEO audits for websites, APIs, and servers, with customizable alerts and reports.

If you would like to use 2FA with StatusCake you can use SMS to Slack to securely receive the 2FA authentication codes in Slack!


  • statuscake.com

Supported 2FA methods

  • SMS
  • Time-based One-Time-Password

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“This was by far the simplest approach out there. The ability to generate numbers and associate them to a channel, right in Slack, was wonderfully painless. I had this setup in minutes.”

Jacob Giordano
Jacob Giordano

“We are loving the app, we use it to receive SMS notifications on shared accounts and has been a great time saver for us.”

Danielle Whetstone
Danielle Whetstone
C Squared Social

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