2FA authentication for Flying Blue

How you can receive 2FA authentication codes from Flying Blue directly in Slack.

Flying Blue

Flying Blue

A loyalty program rewarding frequent flyers with redeemable miles, flight upgrades, and exclusive benefits on international airlines.


  • flyingblue.com

  • airfrance.com

  • klm.com

  • flyingblue.am

  • flyingblue.at

  • flyingblue.be

  • flyingblue.bz

  • flyingblue.ca

  • flyingblue.cn

  • flyingblue.co.in

  • flyingblue.co.nz

  • flyingblue.co.uk

  • flyingblue.co.za

  • flyingblue.com.au

  • flyingblue.com.co

  • flyingblue.com.mx

  • flyingblue.com.ph

  • flyingblue.com.tw

  • flyingblue.com.ve

  • flyingblue.de

  • flyingblue.es

  • flyingblue.fr

  • flyingblue.la

  • flyingblue.nl

  • flyingblue.pl

  • flyingblue.us

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